In this ever-evolving world, medical practices must adapt and grow to stay relevant. This is where we, at Your Medical Liaison, can make a real difference. Let’s consider the pivotal role of innovative strategies business to business  field marketing in propelling your practice forward in 2023 and beyond.


In the world of healthcare, personal connections are paramount. Field marketing allows you to establish these connections, build relationships with potential referrers, and gain a deep understanding of your local market.

Understand Your Local Market: What’s the current state of your local healthcare landscape? We’ll delve into a comprehensive analysis to better understand your market’s unique dynamics.

Forge Strategic Partnerships: How can we leverage the power of networking in healthcare? Our team will help you identify potential partners, develop strategic relationships, and increase referrals.

Create an Impactful Presence: How do we amplify your practice’s visibility? Through well-planned and executed field marketing initiatives, we’ll ensure your practice is a known entity in the local community.

Your Medical Liaison’s Difference – Business to Business Field Marketing 

Targeted Outreach: We help your medical practice identify the most relevant primary care and speciality offices for your specific specialty and focus your efforts there.

Relationship Building:  Our field marketing representatives help build personal relationships which are key in field marketing. We take the time to establish genuine connections and provide value beyond just trying to get referrals.

Brand Ambassador: We train all our field marketing reps to be ambassadors for your practice. Each person should be able to articulate the unique selling points of your practice.

Professional Materials: We help design and print professional, branded materials to have on hand to leave behind after meetings or at events. This can help keep your practice top-of-mind for potential referrers.

Follow-up: We continue to follow up with these offices to reinforce the connection and provide additional information if necessary.

Crafting a Unique Marketing Strategy for Specialty Medical Practices with Your Medical Liaison

In the vast world of medical marketing, it’s easy for specialty practices to get lost in generic, one-size-fits-all strategies. But here at Your Medical Liaison, we know better. We understand that every specialty medical practice has a unique story and needs a tailored approach. We don’t believe in the cookie-cutter mindset. 

At YML, we dive deep. Before strategizing on our end, we initiate the process by listening to YOUR story. We want to know:

  • WHO you are: The expertise and passion behind your team.
  • WHAT your practice offers: Your specialized treatments, methodologies, and technologies.
  • WHERE you operate: Are you community-focused? Or do you have a vision to expand your horizon?
  • WHY you ventured into your specialty: The driving vision, the mission that fuels your every day.
  • HOW your practice was established.

This dialogue helps us craft a multidimensional understanding of your practice.

From there, it’s like pairing in the world of professional relationships. Using the information, we identify your ideal patient profile. 

– Who currently trusts and relies on your services?

– Which patient categories do they fall under?

– What frequency and nature of treatments do they require?

– Most importantly, how do these interactions contribute to your growth?

That’s your “ideal patient” blueprint!

However, the medical field is dynamic. Patients may change providers, locations, or even recover. Hence, there’s always the need to connect with potential patients. And that’s where our expertise shines the brightest.


At Your Medical Liaison, we’re not just about surviving the changes in the healthcare industry—we’re about thriving amidst them.  Let us shoulder the burden of marketing. With our field marketing prowess and comprehensive strategies – encompassing online presence, social media, patient literature, targeted messaging, and more – we aim to connect you with those looking precisely for your specialty.

In 2023 and beyond, we stand ready to guide your practice through the evolving landscape, helping you connect with patients and professionals alike, build your brand, and ultimately, THRIVE!

Have been working with Your Market Liaison for quite some time now. Ginger and her team are consummate professionals. Their skill set was vital to helping my practice grow exponentially. They are efficient, knowledgeable, and amazing in all that they have to offer. Very fortunate to have this relationship with them.

Eddy Luh, MD

Vegas Vascular Specialists

YML is a fantastic group work with! They are professional and on top of all aspects of marketing. YML really helped get our practice into forefront of our community! Highly recommend them!

Timothy Jeider, MD

Nevada Mental Health

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