How Facebook Ads Can Help With Marketing Your Medical Practice

Facebook is the biggest and most successful social network, so it makes sense that more and more businesses, and medical practices, are using Facebook ads to advertise.

81% Of Americans Use Facebook!

Facebook advertising has a lot of aspects that other sites don’t, like targeted ads and native ads. 81% of Americans are on Facebook, so you’re almost certain to find clients.

Facebook’s advertising system helps you target audiences in ways that no other site does, and at Your Medical Liaison, we know how to set up specific Facebook ads for your medical practice’s needs.

Demographic & Psychographic Targeting Made Easy With Facebook

With all of the information users put into Facebook, it can target certain demographics for you. You can reach out to users who are a certain age group, gender, or marital status. You can even advance the searches to target homeowners and income level.

Another great thing is targeting psychographics. This means you can find users who have looked at things similar to what you offer.

Your Medical Liaison can help find the perfect audience for your practice, so you aren’t wasting money sending ads to people who won’t care. We’ll also help you write the perfect ad to get the most clicks.

Facebook Desktop Newsfeed Ads & Native Ads

Facebook offers advertising options like “Desktop Newsfeed Ads” or “Native Ads” where it will show up in your audience’s newsfeed just like their friends’ statuses, disguising it so they are less likely to ignore it. These get the highest click-through rates on Facebook.

Advertise To An Audience Who Is Interested In What You Have To Offer

You can post statuses that advertise your practice anytime, but with the Facebook advertising system, you can make sure those statuses go out to an audience that would be interested.

Affordable Advertising Rates

Facebook also has one of the most affordable advertising rates.

If you’re interested in getting started, Your Medical Liaison can help you. We offer training, done with you, and done for you, programs.

Let us do your Facebook marketing so you can focus on running your medical practice.

Give us a call today to learn more.