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Dr. Gephardt, M.D., Owner, Nevada Pain Center

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David Bilstrom, M.D. Director International Autoimmune Institute & Bingham Memorial Center for Functional Medicine.

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Deepali Kashyap, M.D., Owner, Galleria Women’s Health

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Mendi Baron, CEO of Ignite Teen Treatment, Las Vegas.

Medical Testimonials

Ginger and the YML Team have been doing our field marketing for 3.5 years. They are hardworking, honest, and reliable. Ginger and her team is very professional, easy to work with, and does spectacular work. They are always easily accessible, and always willing to answer questions, offer help and advise and have responded to the organizational marketing needs in a very timely manner. The referrals that are received from the work they do is great. We have grown our practice tremendously since they have been with us. They are now handling our social media management and are always willing to jump in and help when we need their support with marketing materials or related services. I VERY highly recommend them.


Nevada Mental Health

Ginger and her team at Your Medical Liaison were great partners for our growth and outreach. Their contributions in public relations and social media strategies did so much to elevate our projects. Ginger is also committed to improving healthcare in all aspects and it shows in her generous non-profit partnerships

Jacqueline L. Nguyen, Esq., Past President

AMA Alliance

When I decided to switch from traditional internal medicine to a concierge model I was torn between trying it myself vs.hiring a company to do it for me albeit for a large piece of the revenue. I interviewed Ginger Allen to see if she could help me do it on my own and I was convinced that was the way to go. I have not been disappointed. She has taken over my entire marketing campaign and made the transition as easy as possible. The website she produced for me is one of the best I have seen. She has been there every step of the way and is always pleasant to deal with. She is always coming up with innovating ways to promote my practice. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and I could not have done this successfully without her. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Bruce Wishnov, DO

Palmetto Park Concierge Care

I can't say enough about the incredible assistance we've received from Ginger Allen and her team at Your Medical Liaison. Right from our initial meeting, she demonstrated a deep understanding of our goals and a passion for helping us succeed with our new concierge practice. Ginger's level of personalized attention has made us feel not only as clients, but as family. Our experience has been nothing short of fantastic, and I strongly recommend Your Medical Liaison.

Janet Holley, Office Manager

Palmetto Park Concierge Care

Ginger Allen and her entire group are just fantastic. No matter what my needs have been in the last 4 years, the response has always been even better than I could have wished for. This even includes other countries and other languages. I can't thank Ginger enough.

David Bilstrom, MD

Autoimmune Functional Medicine MD

Ginger Allen and her team have been like family to me! They make me feel like I am their only client despite how busy they are. My clinic is brand new and within one month of marketing, I started having providers refer me patients due to the amazing ride alongs and marketing rep that have targeted clinics in town that would benefit from my services. I have had multiple compliments on the layout of my website and my business cards which were created very efficiently by Ginger’s team. Ginger is one in a million! She truly cares and puts 100% into her work and is so passionate about making her clients succeed! There is no other marketing team I would recommend more! I am so grateful to Ginger and her team!

Siri Sastri, MD

Viropana Healing Surgical Clinic

YML is a fantastic group work with! They are professional and on top of all aspects of marketing. YML really helped get our practice into forefront of our community! Highly recommend them!

Timothy Jeider, MD

Nevada Mental Health

Have been working with Your Market Liaison for quite some time now. Ginger and her team are consummate professionals. Their skill set was vital to helping my practice grow exponentially. They are efficient, knowledgeable, and amazing in all that they have to offer. Very fortunate to have this relationship with them.

Eddy Luh, MD

Vegas Vascular Specialists

Working with Your Medical Liaison has been and continues to be a great experience! The team is very efficient and easy to work with. All requests are handled with care and in a timely manner. They are quite knowledgeable in their field and often provide helpful suggestions. We are happy to continue working with this amazing team!

Teresa Ilagan, Practice Manager

Vegas Vascular Specialists

If you want to increase your success and profitability and reach a larger population, I highly recommend Your Marketing Liaison. We hired Your Marketing Liaison to reach more patients that would benefit from our excellent and “state of the art” Sexual Wellness services. Since our business relationship with Your Marketing Liaison our Sexual Wellness services has increased, significantly. We are given reports on a monthly basis that keep us informed of our progress, as well. Your Marketing Liaison has always been available for communications with any questions that we may have and to resolve any issues that we may have.

Vikas Sayal, MD FCCP

Pulmonology & Critical Care Medicine

Wonderful to work with. Tailored to individual needs. Great outcomes!

Kim Nguyen, MD

General Surgeon

Fantastic team that has really helped me grow my business. Strongly recommend.

Dr. Brady Okuda, Co-Owner

Okuda & Noorda Orthodontics

Ginger is a joy to work with and her staff is always so friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Your Marketing Liaison for any of your marketing needs.

Stephen Gephardt, MD

Nevada Pain Care

Ginger is great and provided good referral sources for patients!

Joseph Yu, MD

Total Sports Medicine and Orthopedics

Ginger and crew are bar none! Truly amazing service and skills. Since hiring them, our patient load and traffic has greatly increased, giving us a much needed peace of mind. We appreciate having a professional that makes it look so effortless. So grateful for her and her team, they are the best!!

Alicia Melendez, Practice Administrator

Complete Care OBGYN

If you want to increase your success and profitability and reach a larger population I would highly recommend Your Marketing Liaison. We hired Your Marketing Liaison to reach more patients that would benefit from our excellent and “state of the art” Sexual Wellness services. Since our business relationship with Your Marketing Liaison our Sexual Wellness services has increased, significantly. We are given reports on a monthly basis that keep us informed of our progress, as well. Your Marketing Liaison has always been available for communications with any questions that we may have and to resolve any issues that we may have.

Cathy Bell Tannenbaum, Practice Manager

Broward Urology Center

Ginger is amazing. Love working with her. She is a true liaison.

Deepali Kashyap, MD

Galleria Women’s Health

Ginger has been an excellent asset to my medical practice. Ginger and her staff always represent themselves in a professional manner, communicate regularly, and have helped my practice grow over the years.

John Lyons, Owner

Lyons Physical Therapy

Ginger is the best! She gives 100% all the time. You can tell she loves what she does!

Russ Tannenbaum, D.C.

Ginger is a marketing crazy woman! Knows her stuff, great to work with!

Georganne Crowley

Physician Credentialing Consultant

Ginger and her team are amazing. I needed some posts on social media up ASAP and they got them done within a day. It just wasn’t a post it was 52 posts for groups that I am having and they had to get all the text and pictures done. Very time I have needed something done at the last minute, they have delivered. They have gotten to know my company and how I like things worded or presented and they have adjusted to what I want in every way. It is like I have a solid team behind me, that works with me and doesn’t try to convince me that their way is the right way for my business. They listen to what I have to say completely and respect my knowledge about what my company offers and sometimes do tell me why one thing would be better than another, they explain themselves based on their knowledge of the market, which has been extremely helpful in moving my company forward. I am so glad that I started to work with Ginger and her team, the best decision I made for my company. I highly recommend Ginger and her team to anybody who wants to enhance their company in the way of social media and other products they offer. Using them will be the best decision you can make.

Tammie Roitman, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Danaus Dynamics

Ginger and her team have been a huge asset to our new OBGYN practice. She has done a great job filling our schedule with patients and creating new leads both with meeting physicians and online digital marketing, including Google and social media. We have seen our appointments increase tremendously due to her work. I highly recommend her and her team.

Douglas Tanita, MD

Henderson Women’s Care

I felt lucky to have found “Your Marketing Liaison”. They helped us with finding our niche is themarketing world. Everything from the big picture in our marketing strategy involving our specialized niche to getting their hands dirty and networking face to face with potential referral partners. Ginger and her team did it all. Even though I felt out of my element because my background is in sciences not marketing, she took the time to teach me exactly how it worked. Our buisness has tripled last month thanks to Your Marketing Liaison and is currently following the same trajectory. Great value for our money! The results speak for themselves.

Darleen Tanita, Co-Owner

Henderson Women’s Care

Ginger has an amazing ability to engage and facilitate the introductions of like- minded people. Her warmth, authenticity and desire to connect is evident in all her interactions. Our practice has benefited directly as a result of Ginger’s skills.

Michael Howie, Owner

Atomic Psychological Associates

Ginger has built a powerful network of successful businesses. She creatively develops ways for each business to elevate itself by harnessing this network and creating powerful connections. She is personable, forward thinking, and very involved in every aspect of daily operations with her clients.

Luis Velazquez, MD

Velazquez Pain Relief Center

After working with Your Marketing Liaison, I would highly recommend their services. Owner Ginger Allen takes care to provide a well-rounded marketing plan tailored to your company. At our initial meeting, she took the time to evaluate and understand our medical practice, how our services stood out from other offices, and what our goals were. With this information and her experience in the health care field, she recommended direct marketing to potential referral sources in our geographical area combined with a strong social media presence. After several months, we saw increased name recognition and ultimately increased business from her marketing strategies. As a new practice, we felt her services were valuable and very well matched to our needs.

Jennifer Tran, MD

Velazquez Pain Relief Center

I’ve been working with Ginger from “Your Marketing Liaison” for the past few years. On social media, we are doing amazing thanks to Ginger. I didn’t realize how much it would help my company grow! Thanks for being such a pleasure to work with!

Craig Weingrow, Owner

Weingrow Wellness & Medical Center

Ginger is amazing & very knowledgeable. We love having her do our marketing!!

Teresa Jaffer, Practice Manager

Weingrow Wellness & Medical Center

I have enjoyed working with Ginger and her team for the past 3 years. She is an effective marketer, great communicator and will definitely get your business to the next level.

Daysi Alvarez, CEO

One Stop Medical LLC

I had the opportunity to work closely with Ginger last year, she truly knows what she’s doing, she’s very organized and I learned a lot from her! Very professional.

Yuliet Seda, Practice Manager

Southwest Eye Institue

I had the pleasure of working with Ginger Allen as the Marketing Manager for Pueblo Medical Imaging owned by Radiology Associates of Nevada from the beginning of my joining the practice. Upon joining the practice Ginger made every attempt to make me feel welcome and assist me in getting my IR Clinic (Stroke Center) at Dignity St. Rose Dominican Hospital marketed to the community. Ginger was instrumental in helping me get my new clinic started.

“Ginger without being asked went to work getting all my promotional materials designed and printed; she highlighted my skills and promoted me to the local medical community. Ginger was always inviting me to networking events and introducing me to local referring Doctors. She also set up Lunch and Learns in the community so I could present the latest technology in Stroke and Endovascular procedures.

“I would highly recommend Ginger for any Management or Marketing position in the Medical Profession. Ginger Allen is a professional team player who is hard working, passionate, and dedicated to any company or Doctor she is working with. I know she will be an asset to your Company.

K.C. Tan, MD Neuro IR

Radiology Associates NV-Harvard Alumni

Ginger has a rare can-do attitude. I’ve had the opportunity to work with her for the past year on collaborative co-branded marketing projects. “I was always in awe at how promptly she would get back to me with great examples of moving forward. She was such a joy to be around during events, and she always treats you as if your the only person in the room when you speak with her. Ginger would be a great fit for any company.

Meghan Bailey, Media & Marketing

Wellhealth Quality Care

Always enthusiastic; meticulous in doing the things I needed done.

Matthew Ripplinger, MD

Radiology Associates of Nevada

Ginger is the best! She is fast, efficient, smart and knows her stuff! I highly recommend her for your marketing needs!

Dee Rice, Owner

Dee’s Transcription

Amazing people doing amazing things to help growing businesses like ours. Ginger are phenomenal. Highly recommended.

Kevin Lieu, Practice Manager

Nevada Neurological Care

Ginger and her team do an outstanding job of understanding their clients’ needs and delivering beyond expectations. Her understanding of the local marketplace and commitment to helping her clients grow is remarkable!

Jennifer Day, Marketing Director

Steinberg Radiology